Election Voter Slip Printing Services

Elections scheduled for this year (2022) in the Gujarat Assembly Elections, Himachal Pradesh Assembly Elections, Panvel Municipal Corporation Elections, BMC Elections, MCD Elections, Mira Bhayandar Corporation Elections, Bhiwandi-Nizampur Corporation Elections, etc., candidates are required to have printed ballots in all elections.

Voters who have printed the slip must have their name on the election list provided by the Election Commission. The voter slip includes the place where you are enrolled as a voter, the polling booth address you must visit on Election Day, and the voter slip includes a unique serial number from the voter list. The voter slip is in the same language as the published voter list for your constituency. Voter slips will be accepted at the polling station as proof of your Id number.

It is advisable to bring your voter slip along with your identity proof during voting so that the election authorities can find your name with the help of a unique serial number.

Election Voter Slip Printing Service in India

We provide printed voter slips to all parties, be it voter slips for BJP, voter slips for Congress, voter slips for Shiv Sena, voter slips for NCP, voter slips for MNS or any other party and for all cities, whether it is voter slip printing service in Navi Mumbai or Mumbai, Maharashtra. You can easily order the voting slip of all the elections taking place this year-end here.

Voting slips are segregated according to your constituency, booth, and serial number, and are available in both colour and black and white formats.

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